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Before I reveal my books of the year, it’s time for an annual meme. The idea is respond to the prompts using only titles of books you have read this year. (I’ve no idea where these prompts originated, but I picked them up from Annabel.)

Links to my reviews.

In high school I was A Girl, Returned (Donatella di Pietrantonio)
People might be surprised by Little Sparks from Saxony (Wilfried Schlosser)
I will never be Painter to The King (Amy Sackville)
My fantasy job is (to be a) Star (Yukio Mishima)
At the end of a long day I need The Storyteller (Pierre Jarawan)
I hate The Parasites (Daphne du Maurier)
Wish I had High Wages (Dorothy Whipple)
My family reunions are A Treachery of Spies (Manda Scott) P.S Not really
At a party you’d find me with The Great Gatsby (F S Fitzgerald)
I’ve never been to (the) City of Jasmine (Olga Grjasnowa)
A happy day includes The Empress and the Cake (Linda Stift)
Motto I live by Some Books aren’t for Reading (Howard Marc Chesley)
On my bucket list are The Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt (Andrea Wulf and Lillian Melcher)
In my next life, I want to have The Treasure Chest (Johann Hebbel)