It’s not often that I declare my Book of The Year in September, but that’s what I did when I sent my review of Nino Haratischvili’s The Eighth Life off to The German Riveter. I haven’t changed my mind. So let’s start bestowing this year’s sashes at the top of the podium, as it were.

The German Lit Set

The most unputdownable epic and book of the year: The Eighth Life

The one I regret not reviewing: The Storyteller (I did interview the translators though)

My favourite travelling companion (and now my favourite Peirene of all time): The Empress and The Cake

The saddest unrequited love story: A Man in Love (Translator interview here)

The English Lit Set (and a full house for historical fiction)

Finest Scottish Novel: A Perfect Explanation

The one with the ugliest cover, the foulest language and a Robin-Hood-like villain albeit without the charm: The Gallows Pole

Double agents galore!: A Treachery of Spies

Going back to my roots and favourite read for an online reading event (1930s club): High Wages

Non-fiction and other translated fiction

The perfect start to my Age of the Weimar Republic Reading Project: The Story of The Bauhaus

The quirkiest, most serendipitous find and reference book of the year: The Little Book of Scottish Rain

Crime Novel of the Year: The Silver Road

Guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart (eventually): A Girl, Returned

The Rule Breaker

I’m breaking my rule of not including re-reads, because this copy of The Great Gatsby is the most beautiful book I will ever own.

The Last Minute Entry (i.e 23:00 on 30.12.2019)

The classic thriller that can be summarised in just one word. WOW! (Full review to follow.)