I didn’t travel up to Bremen when following the Fairy Tale Route. It was a bit far to see the statue of The Three Musicians. Besides I’d already been there.

Neither did I travel down to Bremen from the Altes Land. I’d already been there.

I was utterly convinced of that. So I got a bit of a shock when leafing through my photo albums. No pictures. No real memories either. But I spent a week there during my undergraduate year abroad … didn’t I?

Then it dawned on me. The trip was cancelled. That was the week I landed in hospital. And yet, for four decades I have been convinced that I have actually been to Bremen! What kind of drugs, I wonder, can induce an such a long-lasting hallucination?

There’s a blank too literature wise. Prior to GLM X I hadn’t read anything by authors born in Bremen. I have managed to find one title that has been translated into English, which I will review later today. Guess what? There are only a few paragraphs located in Bremen.

At least, I now know where my next German destination will be …. just as soon as the safer After Times are here.

Have you been to Bremen? What are the must-sees, the must-dos, the must-reads?