Thank you to everyone who celebrated GLM X with Caroline and me. It’s truly gratifying to see that #germanlitmonth remains popular and enjoyable for all. The now traditional extension applies to enable you to finish and review books you may have started while I do the same and pull together the master index. As it’s our tenth year, let’s have a fortnight’s extension.

#germanlitmonth is not a challenge, but this year I made it one for myself. I hope you enjoyed the whistle-stop scrapbook tour of Germany I’d be interested to know if you added any German destinations to your bucket-list as a result. The surprising thing is that I added loads as I discovered a shock gap in my touring and lots of other places that I would love to visit. I have a huge draft itinerary …. I may well be – no, I will be – spending time in Germany once the world reopens.

I also read my way around Germany. The plan was for one book by a new-to-me author from each state, 16 books in total. Well, the 16 books from 16 states turned into 16 books from 15 states. Saxony grabbed two slots, while there was nothing from Thuringia (represented by the cookbook centre-stage in the picture above). Instead of one read, the state inspired a new reading project which will keep me occupied for many months to come.

This resulted in 32 posts in 30 days – the first and, probably, the last time I will ever attempt anything so ambitious! It means, of course, that I have a lot of catching up to do on your contributions. Thank you once more, and especial thanks to translators, Charlotte Collins and Shelley Frisch for their Meet the Translator interviews, and to Tony Malone for another exclusive new translation. Last but not least, thanks to Caroline, my co-hostess for the last 10 years. 😁

Book of the month? Impossible. I covered books from 4 centuries, spanning multiple genres and styles. I will, however, highlight 3 particularly memorable reads: a classic novella, a harrowing piece of non-fiction and a comic contemporary novel with a heart.

Reunion – Fred Uhlman

Air Raid – Alexander Kluge

Daughters – Lucy Fricke (Talking of which, do you know about the event scheduled for Friday 11.12.2020 at 19.30 GMT. Perhaps we could meet there for a virtual post-GLM X party?)