Anonymous (A Woman In Berlin) Arjouni (Der Heilige Eddy) Baum (Grand Hotel) Bernhard (Old Masters) Böll (And Didn’t Say A Word/The Lost Honour of Katherina Blum / The Silent Angel (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)) Brecht (The Threepenny Opera) Bronsky (The Hottest Dishes of The Tartar Cuisine (1(2)) Brothers Grimm (Fairy Tales) Busch (Max and Moritz) Delius (Der Sonntag, an dem ich Weltmeister wurde) Dörrie (Where Do We Go From Here?Droste-Hülshoff (The Jew’s Beech (1) (2)) Dürrenmatt (The Judge and The Hangman) Erpenbeck (Visitation (1) (2) (3)) Fallada (Short treatise on the Joys and Morphinism) Fauser (The Snowman) Feuchtwanger (The Oppermanns) Fitzek (Therapy (1) (2)) Fontane (Effi Briest Readalong: Week 1/Week 2/Week 3 ) Frisch (Homo FaberFunke (Inkheart) Gerstacker (Germelshausen) Goethe (Elective Affinities (1) (2)/Faust Part One/Faust Part Two/The Madwoman on a Pilgrimage/The Sorrows of Young Werther (1) (2) (3)) Gotthelf (The Black Spider (1) (2)) Grass (The Tin Drum) Hammesfahr (The SinnerHauptmann (Before Daybreak /Flagman Thiel (1) (2) (3)/On CharacterisationHeine (An Apparation in The Sea/Gods in Exile) Hermann (Summerhouse, Later)  Hesse (Harry’s Loves/Narziss and Goldmund /Within and Without) Hoffmann (The Devil’s Elixirs /The Sandman (1) (2)) Hotschnig (Maybe This Time (1) (2) (3)) Jelinek (The Piano Teacher)  Kafka (A Country Doctor/The Married Couple/The Trial / The Castle) Kaiser (The Burghers of Calais) Kästner (Emil and the Detectives (1) (2)) Kehlmann (Fame) Keilson (Death of the Adversary) Keller (The Naughty Saint Vitalis) Keun (After Midnight (1) (2) (3) / The Artficial Silk GirlKleist (Betrothal in San Domingo /Michael Kohlhaas /The Beggar Woman of Locarno/The Broken Jug /The Duel (1) (2) (3) (4) /The Earthquake in Chile/The Art of Kleist/On Kleist’s Enigmatic Quality) Koestler (Darkness at Noon) Kracauer (Der Detektiv-Roman) Maier (Klausen) Mann Heinrich (Three Minute Novel) Mann Klaus (Mephisto) Mann Thomas (An Infant Prodigy /Buddenbrooks/Death in Venice/Disorder and Early Sorrow/Doctor Faustus /Lotte In Weimar) Meyer Clemens (All The Lights) Meyer Conrad Ferdinand (The Shot from the Pulpit) Miscellaneous (Faber Book of 20th Century German Poems/The Queen’s Mirror: Fairy Tales by German Women 1780-1900) Mörike (Mozart’s Journey To Prague (1)  (2)) Müller (Nadirs/The Land of Green Plums (1) (2)/The PassportNietzsche (Thus Spake Zarathustra) Noll (The Pharmacist) Novalis (The Story of Hyacinth and Roseblossom) Rabinowich (Splithead) Rilke (How Old Timofei Died Singing/Letters to Lou Andreas Salome/Poems/The Tale of the Hand of God) Roth (Hotel Savoy) Schenkel (The Murder FarmSchiller (The Sport of Destiny) Schirach (Crime) Schlink (Homecoming/ The Reader / The Weekend (1) (2)) Schneider (The Wall JumperSchnitzler (Dream Novella/La Ronde / The Dead are Silent) Sebald (Austerlitz/On the Natural History of DestructionStifter (Rock Crystal) Sulzer (A Perfect Waiter) Süskind (The Pigeon/Perfume (1)/(2)Stamm (In Strange Gardens and Other Stories) Storm (Carsten The Trustee and Other Stories/ Immensee / The House of Bulemann/The Rider on the White Horse) Swann (Three Bags Full)  Wedekind ( The Burning of Egiswyl / Spring’s Awakening ) Weiss (JarmilaWidmer (My Mother’s Lover) Wyss (The Swiss Robinson) Zeh (Dark Matter) Zweig Arnold (Kong at the Seaside) Zweig Stefan (Chess /Journey into the Past / Moonbeam Alley/Short Stories)

72 authors / 121 different works.  Amazing and all from  German Literature Month Participants.  I also intend to add in reviews of our 40 giveaway books as they come in – so bookmark this page.  Non-bloggers who won giveaway copies are welcome to write a guest review if they so wish.  Just email it to me and I’ll do the honours.

I spotted further reviews of German Literature during the month.  Let’s consider these as non-official posts i.e from bloggers who simply forgot to sign-up but hopefully will next time!

Goethe (Elective Affinities) Grimmelshausen (Simplicissimus) Musil (Flypaper) Schirach (Crime) Zeh (Dark Matter)

P.S Apologies for all the pingbacks coming your way …. Do let me know if I’ve missed anything.