On a scale of 1 to 10, that was a 100 for me.  A fantastic celebration of German-language literature.  Has the internet seen anything like it? Thank you everyone for your very enthusiatic participation.  It truly was impressive and the master index of authors and works discussed which I will post tomorrow  will show you just how much you deserve the standing ovation that I am giving you right now.  One question:   Should we do this again next year?

Not that I am suggesting you stop reading German literature in the interim.  Thanks to the generosity of many publishers and the Goethe Institute, Caroline and I gave away lots of German literature (about 40 books in total) and I’m delighted that the first reviews of those books started to appear during German Literature Month.  I’m looking forward to seeing more of those reviews as the months pass.

It’s my final duty as co-host of German Literature Month to announce the results of the German Book Prize Shortlist Giveaway.  There were 5 entrants so that means 1 for each and 1 for me!  Result!  But who gets what?

I’ve decided that first pick goes to Tony, whose parody of Kafka’s Das Schloss had me in stitches.  (Also we need to keep him sweet so that he keeps our German Literature tour bus roadsworthy.)  Thereafter, everyone gets something from their wishlist.  So:

Tony receives the book prize winner In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts.  Fl receives Die Schmerzmacherin.  Rikki receives Wunsiedel and Winstonsdad receives Blumenberg.  My ever-efficient co-host (whose patience never faltered in the face of my whimsical changes of reading plan) Caroline receives Gegen Die Welt leaving Angelika Klüssendorf’s Das Mädchen for me.  (Please email snail mail addresses to lizzysiddal at yahoo dot com.)

It may be the last Wednesday of this German literature month but even so, it’s still wunderbar! (There are more surprise giveaways over at Caroline’s place …)


German Literature Month 2011 personal summary:
Books read:  Alina Bronksy –  The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine / Heinrich Böll – The Silent Angel / Sebastian Fitzek – Therapy / Theodor Fontane – Effi Briest / Heinrich von Kleist- Selected Writings / Julya Rabinowich – Splithead / Theodor Storm – Carsten The Trustee and Other Stories / Heinrich Heine – Buch Der Lieder

Beers imbibed: Efes recommended for drinking when reading Jakob Arjouni  / Weihenstefan recommended for drinking when reading Hans Fallada.

Zum Wohl! Bis nächstes Jahr?