Only 7 days to go to the 2012 German (language) Literature Month. Are you joining us? If so, would you please sign-up in comments below. The reason I ask this is so that I can add your blog – should you have one – to my google reader. That way I ensure that I don’t miss any of your posts while I compile the author index during the month. Remember how phenomenal last year’s index was? I suspect this year’s list will be just as breathtaking.

My German-lit TBR is certainly taking my breathe away at the moment ….


I’d feel a bit easier if I’d made a final decision about what I will actually read but I want to keep it whimsical and surprise myself! I will stick to the genre guidelines of the first 3 weeks and I have promised myself that I will read something in the original German this year but I have formed no definite plan beyond that. (Remember that the genre guidelines are just that – they’re not rules. You can just read as much or as little as you please all month if that’s what you want to do. My co-host Caroline and I just want you to join in and enjoy!)

So how are your plans going? Are you more organised than I am? More to the point is your shortlist achievable?