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As I hinted at the beginning of the year, this site is full. I have two options. I can a) retire gracefully or b) grow old disgracefully. 🤔 Anyone who knows me in IRL knows within 5 minutes that option a) is about as likely as my ever completing the TBR. So, as I still have lots to read and more to say, I’ve launched Lizzy’s Literary Life (Volume Two), which you can find (and subscribe to if so minded) at

For the last post of Volume One let me share some stats.

1st post was published on 15/01/2007, which means this notebook contains 15 years, 1 month and 1 week’s worth of ??? (Complete the sentence as you will. Be nice, now.)

In that time I’ve read ca. 1500 books and written 1665 posts which averages at 2 posts per week. Word count? Not a clue. Do I regret not having written a book instead? Well, I don’t have a book in me, so that’s a no.

Most popular posts? I’ve no need to look because my review of Maggie O’Farrell’s The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox has featured in the top 2 most viewed posts each year since 2008. Occasionally Esme is knocked off the top spot by Goethe’s poem about Gingko Biloba, which I published in 2013.

Which brings me to my greatest pleasure – German Literature. I’m enormously proud of German Literature Month, which I’ve co-hosted with Caroline for 11 years. I’m delighted that #ReadIndies, which I’ve co-hosted with Karen for the past two years is so popular. (Long may both events continue.)

Has the blogosphere influenced my reading? In 2007 87% of my reading was anglophone. In 2021 only 35%. So many worlds have opened up in the last 15 years, and that’s down to you lovely lot. Thank you fellow readers, not forgetting the translators for making that possible.

And finally, because I’m curious and have been meaning to ask:

  1. Looking at my TBR I see a multitude of titles which have been recommended by fellow bloggers. Just wondering if you’ve ever acquired something on my recommendation? More importantly, did you enjoy it?
  2. Will I see you on the other side, so to speak? I do hope so.

P.S This blog will remain online and open for comments.