Not too shabby a stack for 6 weeks reading, is it? Well 8 weeks actually – I started a little early.

17 books from 16 different Indie publishers, 15 of which I reviewed. I hit most of the specific reading prompts I set for myself. They also included an unplanned theme read – 5 books mostly set in Berlin. Let’s take a closer look at those reading prompts and how they influenced my choices.

#NordicFINDs Iceland (1)

Thomas Bernard Week (2)

• From new-to-me publishers (3) Clochoderick Press (Observance), Handheld Press (Adrift In The Middle Kingdom **), Renard Press (The Female Soldier)

• From publishers I didn’t feature last year (10) Blue Moose Books (Panenka), Canongate (The Discovery of Slowness), Comma Press (The Book of Reykjavik), Eye and Lightning (Sour Grapes), Fitzcarraldo Editions (The Undercurrents*), Oneworld (The Grey Men *), Polygon (Hex), Salt (Death and The Seaside), Seagull Books (Goethe Dies and Viktor Halfwit) World Editions (Summer Brother **)

• From my Q1 2022 Great Anticipations (2)

• From the Vondel Prize shortlist (3)

• Set in a country that didn’t feature in my last year’s reading. (0) (1 if you count the fantasy land of Lampie. 😏)

• Finally, anything that takes my fancy! (4) From publishers featuring for a second time on Lizzy’s ReadIndies: Daunt Books (The Architects*), Faber and Faber (The Stasi Poetry Circle *), Peirene Press (Marzahn, Mon Amour *), Pushkin Press (Lampie **)

• From my Q1 2022 Great Anticipations (2)

Key: Books marked * The spontaneous Berlin City read / Books marked ** From The Vondel Prize Shortlist

Book of the Event: That is a tough call. The non-fiction book that read like fiction (The Stasi Poetry Circle), the one that made me laugh out loud (Sour Grapes), the children’s fantasy I literally couldn’t put down (Lampie), or the heart-warming one that I originally had no intentions of reading (Marzahn, Mon Amour)? Eenie,meenie miney mo …

So that was my contribution. What did over 30 of you, including my co-host Karen, get up to? You were busy … The official event index is now available here. (Do let me know if I’ve missed anything.)

Before you head over there though, take a bow and listen to that well-earned applause. 👏👏👏👏👏 You’ve earned it. I’m sure all 80+ Indie Publishers featured this year appreciate your efforts.