ReadIndies 2021 was such a blast, Karen and I decided to do it all over again. Please join us, if you can, and add your review to this year’s linky at There’s only one rule – read anything you like, in any language you like, as long as it was published by an independent publisher.

There’s always a snag, isn’t there? Determining if a publisher is an indie is not always easy. So here’s a recap of the advice we gave last year.

Tips for identifying an independent publisher

Lists are a good place to start. Here are some links.

UK Publishers

Contemporary Small Presses

List of Independent Publishers

The Independent Alliance

The Northern Fiction Alliance

Scottish Independent Publishers

International Presses

American Presses

International Alliance of Independent Publishers

Independent Publishers Caucus

Publishers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland

It’s worth noting that these lists may be incomplete, and some may contain non-indies! But they are a useful reference point, particularly if you have a particular book in mind.

Another way to check is to have a look at a publisher’s website – many will proudly proclaim their independence, and their About page may give you more info on their status.

None of the above is necessarily definitive, so we guess the best advice is to go with your gut. If a book is from a name which doesn’t seem to be connected with one of the main publishing giants, and you want to read it, go for it!

Personal Reading Plan

There’s plenty of choice. Perhaps even too much? I’ve been writing lists of potential reads for ages, but, despite being too long, they still feel prescriptive. So instead I’ve settled on a list of reading prompts. Anything I read and review this month will match one or more of these. I can choose as I go to satisfy my whims, and I get one point per prompt hit. (I wonder what the final tally will be and which book will score the most prompt hits?)

  • #NordicFINDs Iceland
  • Thomas Bernard Week
  • From a new-to-me publisher
  • From publishers I didn’t feature last year
  • From my Q1 2022 Great Anticipations, two of which are released in February
  • From the Vondel Prize shortlist (I was intending to shadow this and the Schlegel-Tieck prize prior to the awards on 10th of February but I haven’t even started yet!)
  • Set in a country that didn’t feature in my last year’s reading. (I “visited” 37.)
  • Finally, the catchall Anything that takes my fancy! 😂

I intend enjoying myself. I hope you do too.