With just a few hours left (in the UK at least), I approach the finish line with 5 completed reads. All of them were among the 28 free downloads offered by Seagull Books during lockdown, although the 2 German novels I read were hardcopy.

I reviewed 4, with the 5th to come sometime during the week to come. I don’t have the brainpower to review it just now, as I’ve spent the afternoon culling books, and I’m shattered. The reason for the cull is a tale of #seagullbooksfortnight going awry. The idea of the event was to thank the publisher for their largesse, and to expand my horizons somewhat. I succeeded on both counts. 5 read, 4 reviewed, and toes dipped into the Africa List, the French List and the India List. (Up to now I have consciously confined myself to the German List and German-language publications on the Swiss List). All good except that I have enjoyed the excursion so much, that there has been purchasing from these and other lists as well. Hard copy purchasing with no room on the shelves to home them. When will I ever learn? Never. Probably. Ah well.

So I read 5 Seagull Books, and acquired 6 during #seagullbooksfortnight. Not what I was intending …

#seagullbooksfortnight acquisitions

Books reviewed during #seagullbooksfortnight

Aranjak – Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay (India List) @ Lizzy’s Literary Life – Review to follow

Wildfire – Banaphool (India List) @ Roughghosts

Obscurity – Philippe Jacottet (Swiss List) @ Winstonsdad Blog

Black Diamond – Zakes Mda (Africa List) @ Lizzy’s Literary Life

A Cage In Search of A Bird – Florence Noiville (French List) @ Lizzy’s Literary Life

The Last Country – Svenja Leiber (German List) @ Lizzy’s Literary Life

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf – Silke Scheuermann (German List) @ Lizzy’s Literary Life

Did you read a Seagull Books for the event? Let me know if you review, and I will add to the list.