A final fond look at the books that enriched my life in 2018 by means of a favourite meme, revived by Annabel.  Hereafter it’s onwards to 2019!

Using only books you have read in the past year, answer these questions.

* Describe Yourself: The Book Jumper (Mechthild Gläser)

* How do you feel: Alone Against Gravity (Thomas de Padova)

* Describe where you currently live: Heimat (Nora Krug)

* If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Summer in Baden-Baden (Leonid Tsypkin)

* Your favorite form of transportation: (You’re Just Jealous of) My Jetpack (Tom Gauld)

* Your best friend is: The Pre-Historic Serial Killer (Teresa Solana)

* You and your friends are: Only Killers and Thieves (Paul Howarth)

* What’s the weather like: The Sky is Changing – Zoë Jenny

* Favorite time of day: Blue Night – Simone Buchholz

* If your life was: In the Spirit of Spark – Ali Smith

* What is life to you: The Taste of Sorrow – Jude Morgan

* Your fear: The Green Crow (Kristine Ulberga)

* What is the best advice you have to give: How to Be A Public Author (Francis Plug)

* Thought for the Day: You Have Me to Love (Jaap Robben)

* How I would like to die: Vanish In An Instant (Margaret Millar)

* My soul’s present condition: (In) Transit (Anna Seghers)