Translated by Shelley Frisch

For GLM II with its focus on genre, I searched in vain for some translated chic-lit.  Then in April of this year,  along come Corvus to the rescue and with Puppy Love the most adorable narrator of 2013.  Admittedly you have to be a dog-lover to adore Carl-Leopold von Escherbach but I am, so I did.

Carl-Leopold von Escherbach is a deluded dachshund puppy. He thinks he is pedigree but whatever you do, don’t let him hear this, he’s not and thus does he find himself cast out of his aristocratic home and into an animal rescue shelter.

My grandfather appears before me in my mind’s eye. “a von Escherbach is always up at the top, no matter where he may find himself.  don’t ever forget that.” He used to tell me.  Oh, Grandpa, if you could see me now – I have definitely hit rock bottom.  The very thought of this makes me howl even louder.  Somebody’s got to get me out of here!

Come in, how can your heart not melt (especially if you rescued the only dog you have ever owned out of a similar predicament).

Carl-Leopold does, of course, find a rescuer. Caroline, a young woman with a fine taste in humour.  She decides that her dachshund mongrel needs a new name.  Henceforth her short-legged four-legged friend is known as Hercules!  If ever a name was designed to pander to an already self-deluded ego …

It turns out that Caroline is in as much need of rescue as Hercules.  She has a rotten taste in men and it takes all the cunning, strength and wisdom of her superhero canine to set her on the path to true love.   It’s familiar chic-lit territory but I loved it!

Also delighted to find that there are three more in the series.  Not (yet?) translated but then I can see myself reading and enjoying them as a German refresher course whenever such is needed.