10 years, who would have thought it? But here we are, and in a year when there has been plenty to be glum about, Caroline and I thought we should buck the trend, and celebrate X, 10, ten years with a bang! Hence the badge.

Thanks to all who have travelled with us thus far. We hope you’ll accompany us again. For those who may be new to this, German Literature Month is the month for reading all things originally written in German – in whatever language you wish to read it – and then telling the world about it. Blogs, twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, goodreads. All good. Just use the hashtag #germanlitmonth when you share your thoughts.

Don’t have a clue what to read? There’s a veritable database of reviews over at www.germanlitmonth.blogspot.com to help you find something appealing.

This year’s programme is a little different.

Unable to visit Germany for pandemic related reasons, I have a sorry case of Fernweh, and have therefore decided on a virtual tour of Germany. One which will include all 16 Bundesländer, one way or another. Primarily through literature interwoven with memory.

Caroline, has decided to focus on four authors of interest, and the authors she has chosen mean that there are weeks in which the spotlight will shine, deservedly, on Austria and Switzerland. Her itinerary looks like this:

November 1-7 Sophie von La Roche
November 8-14 Max Frisch
November 15-21 Ingeborg Bachmann
November 22-28 Siegfried Lenz

Caroline’s fourth week will include a Literature and War readalong of a recently discovered Lenz novel, The Turncoat. The discussion will take place on Friday 27.11.

As always, you can read as you please throughout the entire month.

We look forward to your company and the discovery of some scintillating German(-language) literature.