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Reading Projects 2021

Far too many to mention in a blog post! So I’ve created a page to keep track …. I should be able to complete all these from books in my TBR at 1.1.2021, but whether I do is an entirely different proposition!

Social reading projects


#Siberianary hosted by @sofareader. The aim is to read literature by Russians or Russian emigrés. Runs January-February. Target 2. Actual 3.

The Japanese Literature Challenge (now in its 14th year), hosted by Meredith, runs January-March. Target 3. Actual 1.

Karen and I will be hosting Reading Independent Publishers Month in February. (10 books read and reviewed).

Kimbofo is hosting Southern Cross Crime in March. Books read 3.

The Black Russian / De Luxe – Lenny Bartulin

Containment – Vanda Symon


#1936club hosted by Karen and Simon will run 12-18 April 2021. Personal target 1 book, although I have 2 in the TBR that I really want to read … and I read both of them!

War with the Newts – Karel Čapek

Mephisto – Klaus Mann


July: Spanish and Portuguese Literature Month, hosted by Stu,

6 novels read. 2 Portuguese, 6 Spanish.


#1976club hosted by Karen and Simon will run 11-17 October 2021. Personal target 2 books. Read 1.

Jean Plaidy’s The Plantagenet Prelude turned out to be the worst book of the year.

November: German Literature Month XI

11 books read and reviewed for the 11th iteration of #germanlitmonth!

Year Long Projects

Brian Moore at 100 Readalong hosted by Cathy. This will give me the chance to continue reading through Moore’s output. At the start of 2021 I have 10 under my belt. perhaps I will add another 7 to the total by the end of 2021.

What actually happened is that I only read The Dear Departed.

It’s also Patricia Highsmith’s centenary. There no official readalong that I know off but, for me, it’s time for Ripley at last! Er, no it wasn’t.

Invisible Cities is a new reading project hosted by Yamini (shakespeareandspice); Nicole (nicole is here to learn); Natalie (Curious Reader); Stephanie(time to read!); Michael (Knowledge Lost); Wil(MyBookishEmpire); and Agnese (Beyond the Epilogue), to explore and encourage more discussions about literature in translation from around the world. My thanks to Juliana for alerting me to this project, which will give my locked-down cabin-fevered brain the opportunity to travel the world despite you-know-what. To participate you need to read one book in translation from any of the three monthly destinations, in any given month. (Note – I’m taking the timing aspect with a grain of salt.)

Destination choices and reads are:

January: Argentina (Elena Knows – Claudia Piñeiro) Japan (The Passenger – Japan) Morocco

February: China (Ten Thousand Things* – John Spurling), Columbia (The Bitch – Pilar Quintana) Egypt

March: Iraq, Libya, Mexico (Quesadillas – Juan Pablo Villabolos)

April: Equitorial Guinea, Peru (Death In The Andes – Mario Vargas Llosa) Vietnam

May: Madagascar, North Korea, Romania (The Spoilt City* – Olivia Manning)

June: Barbados, Lebanon, Mozambique (Woman of the Ashes – Mia Couto)

July: Ethiopia, Israel, Panama (The Captain and The Enemy – Graham Greene)

August: Nigeria, South Korea (The Disaster Tourist – Yun Ko-Eun Mostly set in Vietnam, so could also be used to tick off an April destination.)

September: Chile, Palestine (Minor Detail – Adiana Shibli)

October: Guinea, Sweden

(Asterisked titles, not in translation, but am counting them anyway!)

Personal Projects

I’ll continue with my reading of The Walter Scott Historical Prize winners (3 2 to complete this), and three ongoing German literature projects: German Book Prizewinners translated into English (3 2 to complete), Age of the Weimar Republic, and German Romanticism.

Talking of German literature, I’m moderating the Reading German Books group on Goodreads this year, and there will be four group reads (titles to be determined) throughout the year.

Finally there’s my Plantagenets and Plague project that I never really got started on last year and all that poetry that I was inspired to buy after reading 2020’s Book of the Year ..,

I also have in mind to do an A-Z of authors through my TBR. Somehow, given all of the above, I think this may take care of itself! (Almost. No D, N, U or X)


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