Thank you everyone. What a fantastic celebration of GLM moving into its second decade. I’ve been compiling the GLM XI author index, and there are over 100 reviews. I plan on posting the author index on 9.12, which means there’s time for the now traditional one week extension to finish and review anything you started during November.

Thank goodness for the #germanlitmonth hashtag, without which I wouldn’t have found half of the reviews. Unfortunately there have been technical issues on the site where the linky is hosted. In additional to the url length (there is a maximum of 152 characters), and the nightmare that is commenting on blogger, I can no longer update the blog roll. A template upgrade is required, and I didn’t think doing that in the middle of the event was such a good idea. I’ll do it sometime before GLM XII.

So if you joined us for the first time this year, you will be added to the blogroll sometime soon. For the stalwarts, German Literature Month wouldn’t be the same without you. And for regulars who didn’t make it this year, you were missed. I do hope that you’re all safe and well. See you next year?

I set myself a target of reviewing 11 books for GLM XI and …

The month’s structure shaped my selections. Book of the month is marked with an asterisk.

Week One: From or set in Austria: Motley Stones – Adalbert Stifter / The Fluid Land – Raphaeler Edelbauer

Week Two: From or set in Germany: Papa Hamlet – Arno Holz / Johannes Schlaf / An Inventory of Losses – Judith Schalansky

Week Three: From or set in Switzerland: The Basel Killings – Hansjörg Schneider / The Visit – Friedrich Dürrenmatt *

Week Four: Elsewhere: Kraft – Jonas Lüscher (Mainly set in USA) / Love and Death in Bali – Vicki Baum

29-30.11 Anywhere at all: The tales they told in the summer of 1936 (After Midnight – Irmgard Keun, Confession of A Murderer – Joseph Roth, The Buried Candelabrum – Stefan Zweig)

In addtion there were three feature posts:

Keeping up with the Magic Mountain of German Literature (Reprise)

Meet the blogger, translator and publisher: James J Conway (or the story of Rixdorf Editions to date)

The 2021 #germanlitmonth Non-Fiction TBR

Last, but not least, a fitting finale to a month devoted to armchair travelling with G-lit, a reading list with a 25-stop proposed world tour.

Around the World in German Literature

That will keep me (and possibly you) busy and well-travelled until 1.11.2022. 😉