I’m quite pleased with my tally this year, especially as it included the audio of George Eliot’s wonderful masterpiece, Middlemarch, narrated by the equally wonderful Juliet Stevenson. With 21 of the 24 fitting into the original categories, I didn’t veer too far from the path I set out for myself. Let’s not get picky about whether I read books specifically named at the start, although I did read 8 of the original 13. My gaze wandered elsewhere upon publication of the Edinburgh International Book Festival programme. It always does – no point in trying to fight it.

As of 31.08 I had reviewed 16 of the above – links on my 24 Books of Summer signup post. More reviews to follow throughout September, which is always a catch-up month for me.

Best of the bunch?

Book of the Month (June) : The Dead Girl’s Class Trip – Anna Seghers

Book of the Month (July): Death In The Andes – Mario Llosa Vargas / In A Lonely Place – Dorothy B Hughes (The first tie ever here.)

Book of the Month (August): The Long Drop – Denise Mina (Review to follow)

What’s next?

With the builders due in next month, there’s likely to be some disruption to the blog at some point. Particularly as I’m likely to scarper out of the way of all the banging and crashing. The plan is to spend the week in Edinburgh. The challenge is NOT to spend it in the bookshops. You see, during the three months of the 20 Books of Summer challenge, I did not concentrate on incomings. I have taken advantage of some fantastic online sales, and publishers have been incredibly generous with review copies. Many books have entered Lizzy’s Library stockroom, and by that I mean something in the region of a year’s worth of reading, about 80 books! There really is no reason whatsoever for me to go bookshop crawling during that week in Edinburgh. I really do have enough to be getting on with.