It didn’t start well at all.

After 2 DNF’s in the first fortnight, I was more inclined to knit than read, and that was going to stop this challenge in its tracks. I also felt in need of a masterpiece. Juliana announcing A Season in Middlemarch was fortuitous, especially as knitting and audiobooks go together very well. I’m loving Juliet Stevenson’s performance and am currently about 3 weeks ahead of Juliana’s reading schedule. I aim to finish the audiobook by the end of August, although my knitting project will take longer. (It’s been an age since I knit anything complicated, and I pulled back a week’s work just yesterday …)

That’s the story behind the first “Usurper” (books that have muscled their way into my original #20booksofsummer reading plan). The second is Rebecca Mead’s The Road To Middlemarch for obvious reasons. The third is #spanishlitmonth related. I was surprised and extremely delighted when a review copy of The Penguin Book of Spanish Short Stories arrived. I don’t know if I will finish it by the end of August as I’m dipping in and out, reading only two stories per sitting, usually between books. Enjoying it immensely, however.

The Three Usurpers

Of the 13 books I named on my original plan, I have read 6.5 and DNf’ed 1. I have read 3 more from my shelves which fit into my categories of interest. So I have completed 9.5 reads at the mid-point, and reviewed 6. Considering the start this project had, that is better than I anticipated.

I’ve updated the list of potential reads by adding books of interest from the Edinburgh International Book Festival Programme. That includes five books that fit into my completist category. I’m thinking if I concentrate on those during the second half of this challenge, I’ll still be feeling quite accomplished at the endpoint, even if I don’t quite manage the full 20.