The blog and I continued to travel the world this month, from south to north, from Australia to Iceland. The itinerary is based on settings not author nationality.

Read April 2021 (Not pictured Silenced by Sólveig Pálsdóttir)

Australia: A Room Made of Leaves – Kate Grenville

Czech Republic: War with the Newts – Karel Capek

Germany: Mephisto – Klaus Mann, Remote Sympathy – Catherine Chidgey, The Passenger – Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz, Higher Ground – Anke Stelling

Russia (and multiple other locations): The Union of Synchronised Swimmer – Cristina Sandu

Iceland: Silenced – Sólveig Pálsdóttir (Meet the Translator: Quentin Bates)

Reviews to follow for non-hyperlinked titles. Book of the month in bold.

I didn’t make it to my #invisiblecities destination of Peru – I decided to save Llosa’s Death In the Andes until #spanishlitmonth in July, when I’ll concentrate on South America, one of the blank spots in the map of reading locations visited so far this year.

Literary locations visited January-April 2021

Looking to May, there’ll be more from Germany, given that I’m well-ensconced in my Seasons of German Literature project. I have novels set in Ukraine and Romania lined up to complete my virtual cruise around the Black Sea, a number of shortlistees from 3 literary prizes and potential reads resulting from the weekend’s fabulous London Library Lit Fest. Wouldn’t it be marvellous to be able to read my way through the May TBR without interruption? Yet there is a moss-infested lawn to scarify and reseed and a bathroom to remodel …

… and the digital Hay festival starts 26 May.

Crumbs, must dash. Busy, busy, busy!