It’s just as well that I made some space in the library last month, because next quarter’s publication schedule is exceptionally bounteous. I usually limit my quarterly anticipations to 6. That’s just not possible in this instance. You’ll soon see why!

All titles featured on the basis of current publication dates.

Left column top: From the Walter Scott Prize Shortlist
Left column bottom: From the Man Booker International Longlist
Middle column: Highly anticipated releases from favourite authors
Right column: Intriguing non-fiction

Then there is a selection to make a German lit lover’s heart rejoice! In addition to Irmgard Keun’s The Man with a Kind Heart (Penguin) and Julia von Lucadou’s The High-Rise Diver (World Editions), both of which had original publication dates moved into Q2, there are all these …

Column 1: From NYRB Classics, MacLehose Press, Pushkin Press
Column 2: From Quercus and Naked Eye Publishing
Column 3: From NYRB Classics, MacLehose Press and Scribe UK

I don’t usually name-check publishers on these posts, but an exception is being made this quarter to thank them for this veritable bonanza of reading material. Looks like a spring rolling into a summer of German literature on Translation Thursdays to me. I could wait until German Literature Month in November …. but I won’t because there’s plenty more G-lit scheduled for Q3. Happy days!