How time flies! Here we are celebrating the 10th German Literature Month!

Welcome to old friends and new. Have you made definite plans for your month? Do share them in comments below. If you review anything you read, please publicise on your blog or social media using #germanlitmonth, and to make it easy for others to find your review throughout the month, please add a link over at

Your hostesses are on different paths this year. Caroline is featuring 4 authors. You can find the schedule here.

I’m undertaking a project I’ve had in mind for a while. I figured it was now or never!

My plan

My favourite fridge magnet

I’m planning to visit all 16 Bundesländer on a virtual tour of Germany. Two reasons for this: 1) A real life trip to Germany has been impossible for obvious reasons. This project will let me spend time in my happy place regardless. 2) I have been meaning to gather all my German paraphernalia together into a huge photoalbum / scrapbook since I retired, Four years later and the time to make a start has finally arrived! 3) I figured that I’m probably not the only one with lockdown fever. So a tour of Germany might help alleviate that a little.

So for the next 30 days, if all goes well, there will be blasts from the past (including old photos), lists of favourite books, new reviews and a couple of translator interviews. I have two plans: Plan A is that all books reviewed this month are by new-to-me German-born authors, originally written in German. Plan B lets me do what I like! Because let’s face it, life’s been full of too many rules this year. What will actually happen? I don’t know, but plan C is both a certainty and a conundrum. I’m going to enjoy the ride, even though I’m trying to work out how I to fit 16 scrapbook entries and 16 literary reviews/interviews into a 30-day month. 🥴

Anyway, I must dash. My virtual plane awaits. Flight time from Edinburgh to Munich is 1 hours 55 mins. See you later. Bavaria, here I (we) come!