Given that 3 from my list for quarter 2 are still to be released, I considered halving the number of Q3 Great Anticipations. When I looked at my notebook, I decided against that. Take a deep breathe: Jul-Sept 2020 is packed with many, many good things to look forward to … provided release dates don’t shift again, of course.

5 of the above are by authors I’m more than happy to return to. The 6th (The Revolt by Clare Dupont-Monod) centres around the ever fascinating Eleanor of Aquitaine and will join an expanding pile of books for my Age of the Plantagenets reading project. (Which I will start sometime soon.)

There are exciting developments on the German literature front this quarter too. V&Q Books (an imprint dedicated to bringing more literature from Germany to the UK) are launching their first 3 titles in September. What a bountiful late summer this will be!

(Image credit: Katy Derbyshire)