We live in unprecedented times, and the response from Seagull Books in making a selection of their catalogue available for any who wish to try it, is nothing short of extraordinary. One book per day for the last 4 four weeks. Currently all 28 titles, can be downloaded for no charge. (Edit 20.5.2020 – Link still valid, though offer has now changed.)

This is amazing! And so, to say thank you, I’m going to spend the first fortnight of June reading and reviewing the books I have downloaded, as well as some of the hardcopies I have been collecting for the past few years. It won’t surprise regular readers to know that most of my physical collection comes from the Seagull German List, but, if ever there was a time to explore more widely, then that time is now.

So if you can recommend a specific title from the Seagull free download collection, please comment below.

Also, please consider joining me. Let’s give back to one of the most generous publishers in the business.