Books Read Jan-Feb 2020

Books of The Month

January – This Little Art, Kate Briggs

February – A Woman In The Polar Night, Christiane Ritter (Review to follow) Honourable mention: Dark Satellites – Clemens Meyer


I started the year in the midst of a TBR20 challenge, aiming to finish before the Mantel release next Thursday. Then I brought the deadline forward by a month because of the Folio Society sale. So I read a few novellas instead of the long novels I had originally intended in order to finish on time. I did it! Luckily for me the book I had my eye on did not sell out!

I think the timing of this – starting early December worked well for me. I’ll probably repeat the exercise at the end of this year.

My assault on the TBR continued through February with #fitzcarraldofortnight which helped me reduce my stack of Fitzcarraldo editions by 5. I now have a manageable stack of 4.

The result of this focus on the TBR is that of the 26 titles I have read so far this year, 22 were pre-2020 TBR. I’m going to keep the momentum going by alternating new books with the pre-2020 TBR for the next couple of months.


Did TBR20 reset my purchasing habits? Not as much as I would have wished. There was some book hauling in February, but I haven’t overstepped my purchase allowance. (1 for every 600 pages read or 2 TBR culled.) Though I have used it all!


The irony is that I undertook TBR20 in advance of the Mantel release. Now that The Mirror and The Light is finally due, I don’t have time to read it, because March brings Dutch Book Week, Glasgow’s AyeWrite! literary festival plus Meredith is hosting The Makioka Sisters Readalong, Also the Booker International Longlist is proving to be an unexpected and irresistable enticement ….

So I’ve put Mantel and another couple of big books in the reading planner for April.

On Entering The Truculent Teens

The blog turned 13 last month … and I’m wanting to spend less time reviewing and more time reading. I’m liking the multiple book post format that has emerged since the beginning of the year, and I suspect there will be more of these going forward. Twinning a new book with one from the TBR might be an idea worth exploring ….