Here we go!

I’ve set up the linky below for links to your reviews or general observations. Sorry, but as this is wordpress, I can only use the basic one, so you need to click through to see what has been entered. Alternatively just leave a link in comments or use the hashtag #fitzcarraldofortnight on social media, so that I can pull everything together into a wrap-up post at the end the event.

Let’s start the fortnight with a basic question. Which is your favourite pre-event Fitzcarraldo Editions title? I can’t actually answer that. I DNf’ed the 3 I tried prior to reading for this fortnight! So I was taking a bit of a gamble which my co-host Karen knew nothing about! (Naughty Lizzy) However, I do like to challenge myself. Thankfully the duck has been broken and I’ve fared much better with the 4 I’ve read for the event. (I might slot in a 5th.) I won’t reveal my favourite just yet. But stay tuned and I will. (Though I am having trouble deciding …)