Reading Plans

The first idea has already gone for a burton! I’ll finish the #tbr20 challenge I started early December by the beginning of March, and, thereafter I’ll read purely by whim, I said.

Then this happened ….

#readgermanbooks2020 Well. You know my complete lack of resistance in that regard. I’ve committed to “climb” the Dufourspitze in Switzerland by reading 25 German books this year (most of which will be in English translation). This challenge is hosted on goodreads by two German booktubers, Mel of Mel’s Bookland Adventures and the author, Britta Böhler. As there are multiple levels, those with an interest more casual than mine can join in. Entry level is 1-5 books. There will also be quarterly readalongs. The first selected title is Esther Kinksy’s River. Oh, be still my beating heart! A yearlong celebration of German literature in the year #germanlitmonth turns 10! Could I be more delighted? Not on your nelly.

As I was sifting through my TBR to determine what to read for #tbr20, I was surprised by the amount of Japanese Literature in the stacks. So, for the first time I’m joining, Meredith’s Japanese Challenge. It happens to be the 13th. Better late than never. I’ll commit to 3 books, including The Makioka Sisters readalong in March.

I said this last year but this year I will complete some ongoing reading projects, the first three of which dovetail nicely with #readgermanbooks2020

– All translated German Book Prizewinners (1 to complete this)

– The Crime Fiction in German project (3 chapters to go)

Age of the Weimar Republic Reading Project (I’ll focus on 1931 this year which saw a wealth of fantastic titles: Fallada’s A Small Circus, Tergit’s Käsebier Takes Berlin, Tucholsky’s Castle Gripsholm, plus it was the year Irmgard Keun published her debut, Gilgi, One of Us)

– All Walter Scott Prize Winners (3 to read including this year’s winner)

– Complete my second circuit of Around The World With Pushkin Press

I also want to read some of the titles from the recently published Novels that Shaped Our World List. Unfaitly criticised, in my opinion, for being purely Anglophone, it contains books by authors from at least 17 countries (depending on how you count them). I call that international and multi-cultural. There are 59 that I haven’t read, many of them previously unknown to me. That is exciting and further exploration is called for.

That’s enough to be going on with, isn’t it? Except that I’m concocting an additional little something with Karen of Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings for the last fortnight in February. Mark your diaries and stay tuned for next week’s announcement ….

(Added 7.01.2020) And for an extra, extra something. How about The Argentinian Literature of Doom project? How could I forget?

Other Goals

I do want to reduce my physical TBR this year after last year’s tiny increase of +2. (Not bad when you consider that acquisitions = purchases and review copies). This year’s simplified strategy will be twofold, but nevertheless challenging.

One purchase for every two books read/culled from TBR. In reading terms 1 book = 300 pages. (So that novellas and chunksters are treated evenly.)

A target read ratio of 50:50 acquisitions: pre-2020 TBR

That’s the only metric I’m using this year. No further targets in relation to things like translation or gender split. I’ll simply read the books that call to me loudest. The stats can fall where they will. Hopefully as evenly as they did in 2019.

2019 Stats

Titles read: 100 Pages read: 27210

2019 Acquisitions:Pre-2019 TBR 61:39

Anglophone:Translations:Original Lang(German) 55:42:3

Translations from German:Translations from 13 other languages 23:19

Authors Male:Female:Both 51:46:3

Novels: 81
Graphic Novels: 5
Drama: 1
Poetry: 2
Non-Fiction: 11

Purchases 23% reduction on 2018!!! Making progress ….