I blame it on the lurgy I caught on the train back up from London, or rather the sleepless nights that resulted ….

So there I was at 3 am imbibing Lemsip and browsing twitter (as you do) when I noticed that Richard (@caravanablog) had started the #tbr20 challenge (Read 20 books you already own before buying any more.) At which point my feverish mind convinced me that this was a good time to start it myself. I would not be tempted by all the sales, nor could all the best of year/decade lists result in impulse purchases. Plus I had loads of time – two weeks in the Canaries and unlimited hours of beach reading lay ahead.

It was going to be easy.

Famous last words.

A second lurgy followed the first. My brain surrendered. All it wanted on holiday was to listen to the sound of the sea when not binge watching the second series of Bosch on prime video. 2.5 weeks into the challenge and I’ve only completed 2 books. (Normally I’d be well into book 6.)

I was hoping to be finished in time for the release of Stacey Halls’s second novel, The Foundling at the beginning of February. That won’t happen now, but I should still make it in time for THE book everyone is waiting for on 5th March. You know, the Mantel release.

10 weeks and 3 days, 18 books to go. I can do this. With the help of a few novellas, and reviewing limited to only those books I really enjoyed (i.e 4 stars and above). DNFs will count as well. Because #TBR20 is about removing books from the TBR and DNFing does exactly that. In which case 17 books to go.

Ongoing progress report with mini reviews on the twitter thread here.