GLM IX was a challenging month – all Döblin’s fault – but it turned out we had a lot to say (though not always complimentary!)

GLM IX was a successful month. I always have a target of a 100 posts in my head. That was easily surpassed this month (and I’m not counting the two posts in which I broke the German-language rule.) So thank you to the regulars and the newbies, and the booktubers, who also joined us for the first time this year.

But most of all GLM IX was a journey of discovery. This year you discovered lots of titles that are new-to-me. So the following index contains plenty of reading material to keep me busy until next year, when it will be GLM X. Amazing who would have thought it would keep going so long? But long may it last!

Thank you all once more. Bis nächstes Jahr!

Berlin Alexanderplatz Readalong

General review: 1 2
Chapters 1-2: 1 2 3 4 5
Chapters 3-5: 1 2 3 4 5
Chapters 6-7: 1 2 3
Chapters 8-9: 1 2 3

Berlin Alexanderplatz and City Literature 1 Comparative City Literature 1

Exclusive New Translation

Keyserling: Experiences of Love


Christa Winsloe Biography 1
Meet The Translator: David Dollenmayer 1
Riveting Germans: 1 2 3


A Youtube Gallimaufry of German Literature: Hoffmann – The Sandman, Zweig – Chess Story, von Aue – Eric, Lutz – Einer aus Wiesendorf) 1

Arjouni: Magic Hoffmann 1 Bergengruen: The Hornung Homesickness 1 Bernhard: Concrete 1 Böhler: The Decision 1 Böll: And where were you, Adam? 1 The Bread of Those Early Years 1 Bottini: The Dance of Death 1 Brecht: The Life of Galileo 1 Brunntaler: Wolf 1 Canetti: Crowds and Power 1 Döblin: My Address is Sarreguemines 1 Dürrenmatt: The Pledge 1 Eichner: Kahn & Engelmann 1 Fallada: Nightmare in Berlin 1 Franck: Blind Side of The Heart 1 Frisch: An Answer from The Silence 1 2 Fritz: The Weight of Things 1 Handke: The Left-Handed Woman 1 Haratischvili: The Eighth Life 1 Herrndorf: Why We Took The Car 1 Hess: The German House 1 2 Jonke – Homage to Czerny 1 Kästner: Emil and The Detectives 1 Keun: The Artificial Silk Girl 1 2 Keyserling: Waves 1 Khayat: We’ve Long Been Elsewhere 1 Kleist: The Marquise of O 1 Kluge: Air Raid 1 Kutscher: The Silent Death 1 Mann: The Magic Mountain 1 2 3 Parei: The Cold Centre 1 Richter: Distant Signs 1 Seghers: The Seventh Cross 1 2 Transit 1 Stamm: On A day Like This 1 In Strange Gardens 1 Steinhöfel: The Pasta Detectives 1 Stifter: Brigitta 1 2 Tournaline 1 Witiko Book One 1 Book Two 1 Book Three 1 Storm: At University 1 Suter: A Perfect Friend 1 Allmen and The Pink Diamond 1 Tawada : Memoirs of A Polar Bear 1 Walser Martin: A Man In Love 1 Walser Robert: The Little Berliner 1 Wells: The End of Loneliness 1 Wolf: Medea 1 The Quest for Christa T 1


Leo: Red Love 1 Gersdorff: Goethe’s Late Love 1 Moser: Goethe, The Whole Truth 1 Nadolny: The Discovery of Slowness 1 Oskamp: Marzahn Mon Amour- Chiropodist Tales 1 Ritter: A Woman In The Polar Night 1 Schlosser: Little Sparks from Saxony 1


Hodjak: Transylvanian Speaking Exercise 1 Roth: Merely Human 1 The Niebelungenlied: 1

The Rule Breakers

Lutes: Berlin – City of Stones 1 Millar: 1989 The Berlin Wall – My Part In Its Downfall 1