Eleven of the next 17 days will be spent in Edinburgh, and something tells me this will be one of the best book festivals yet. So much to choose from. I poured over the programme for hours, and finally narrowed it down into something manageable. This is a selection of the books that will make up my festival. (Not pictured the books I have on kindle, nor – obviously – the (hopefully, not so) many that authors will convince me to buy!) In the meantime, however:

On the left: Home-grown talents and Aussie awesomeness

On the right: German connections and a smattering of other translated works

As this post goes live, I shall be on my way. I intend to photograph and tweet my way round the festival. (Twitter handle: @lizzysiddal Instagram handle @siddallizzy )There may be intermittent blogging. If not, I’ll see you exhausted, (wet and sodden, if the weather forecast is to be believed), but, nevertheless, elated on the other side. Weather be damned, I would not miss this for the world!

Edinburgh International Book Festival