… because I don’t intend to end up, being the shit from the police who harasses female victims

D7A6B4FF-82EC-49B0-9332-3625F61D1DEBAnd there, in a nutshell, Ayelet Gundar-Goshen nails it. Again. (Cf her previous novels.)   Because the inspector who says this really shouldn’t be baulking at the thought of putting a 17-year old through a lie detector test.  Justice is not served by blind, i.e politically correct, belief in a woman’s word and the jailing of an innocent man for 5 years.

Despite what I’ve read, this isn’t a #metoo novel.   Although the subject matter is related.  But #metoo isn’t nuanced enough for a novelist of the calibre of Gundar-Goshen.  However, a situation which is capable of building its own momentum is.  Take one in which a naïve young 17-year old is genuinely frightened and screams.  Before we know it, a man (admittedly behaving obnoxiously) stands accused, and we, he and she know he is innocent.  Why does she not retract the accusation?

That and the repercussions of her accusation provide the fuel for Gunden-Gosher’s novel.  And there’s plenty of it.  I’m going to give away some of the twists and turns that follow, but not the detail.  If you don’t want to read further, I understand.  But do read the novel.  This is not to be missed.  Particularly in our Zeitgeist.

So what are the repercussions:

– the liar, a wallflower kind of girl, finds herself blossoming
– the liar finds herself being blackmailed by a wallflower kind of guy
– dynamics within the liar’s family shift dramatically
– the victim – and yes, I will call him that – suffers his second victimhood.  (Reality TV has much to answer for.)
– the truth will (thankfully) out.

I’ll keep you guessing as to how the drama ultimately resolves (and the reason why there is an upside-down ice-cream cone on the cover). What I will say is that sometimes I had to catch a breathe  …

Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, besides being fearless, is a trained psychologist. She doesn’t judge and has no wish to see her characters harmed.  Yet the realities of this harsh world are such that scars cannot always be avoided.


I have a spare proof to giveaway. If you live in the UK, and want to read this essence of our Zeitgeist, please comment below. Winner will be notified by email on Sunday 19th May, 2019.