The march begins in 10 days time on April 4th with a discussion of Part One of Joseph Roth’s masterpiece. (Full schedule here.)  There will be orders (i.e reading questions) for the troops who wish to march in formation, but we need email addresses so that we can send them to you (about a week before each discussion).

If you’d like to receive the questions, please comment ensuring you fill in the email field in the comment form. (No-one else will see it that way.) Alternatively, follow @lizzysiddal or @beautyandthecat on twitter and let us know you want to march alongside us. We can then DM the questions to you.

There is no obligation to answer all or any of our questions. As always with #germanlitmonth reads, you can read/write/blog/tweet as you please. But we had a fantastic experience, when we did it this way with Effi Briest. And there’s just as much to discuss about The Radetzky March.

Looking forward to this immensely.