I’d always planned on December being a quiet blogging month, given that I jetted off for a couple of weeks winter sun. (Which was lovely.) Then I returned to be greeted by a Scottish lurgy that put me in bed for 3 days … and a leaking roof!

But I had plenty of reading material to transport me away from mundane realities.

Read December 2018

It was a strong reading month, with 2 from the Booker shortlist, a trilogy of German Noir, 2 YA steampunk prizewinners, and an Enid Blyton for Adults. Only three reviewed, but reviews of the best of rest will follow in due course. Although I’ll say now that the wonders of Christelle Dabos’s A Winter’s Promise (Book of the Month) kept me up till all hours last night!


The Overstory – Richard Powers
The Second Rider – Alex Beer
The Forger – Cay Rademacher


The Last 10 Books Tag

The (Not So Great) TBR Declutter

I’ve been documenting the trials and tribulations of my attempts to end the year with a TBR of X-60, where X = TBR as of 31.12.2018. Given that I read 112 books during 2018, this should not have been impossible. I end the year with a TBR of X-26. So in effect I managed to reduce my TBR by 1 book every fortnight during 2018. Thought needed on how to improve on this. Actually not thought, just willpower!

Year-End Reading Statistics

Books read = 112
Fiction:Non-Fiction:Poetry 104:7:1
2018 Releases:Pre-2018 Releases 44:68
Anglophone Originals: Translations into English 59:53
Translations from German: Translations from 14 Other Languages 28:25
Books read in German: 0 (I’m getting far too lazy.)
Authors Male:Female:Both (All Books) 64:45:3
Authors Male:Female:Both (Translations) 29:23:1
Authors Read for First Time: 70

I’ll publish My Best of 2018 tomorrow. To wet your appetite though, here’s a fun list of categories, that I’m “borrowing” from Kate at Books Are My Favourite and Best.

The Book Everybody Else Loved but I Didn’t: Flights – Olga Tocarzuk

The Year’s Biggest Disappointment: My choices for Italian Literature Month

The Worst Book I Read This Year:Breathing into Marble – Laura Sintija Cerniauskaite

The Downright Strangest Book I Read This Year (proving that fact is so much stranger than fiction): To Be A Machine – Mark O’Connell

My Best Discoveries of the Year: A J Harley and David Hewson

The Debut Author Whose Next Work I’m Most Looking Forward to: Christelle Dabos

The Book I Choose Entirely Because of the Cover: I read a library copy of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine but when I saw the Waterstones Limited Hardback, how could I not?

The Funniest Book I Read This Year: How To Be A Public Author – Francis Plug

The Book That Made Me Cry the Most: Crying with laughter, that is. See above

And to add one of my own:

Best supporting character: Nicky from Shaun Bythell’s The Dairy of A Bookseller