The week between Xmas and New Year is always good for a meme, and this one which I spotted on Annabel’s blog is a cracker.  Without further ado …

1 The Last Book I Gave Up On

Flights – Olga Tokarczuk That it is the 2018 Man Booker International prize winner, praised from all quarters, mattered not in the slightest. It just never got off the ground for me.

2 The Last Book I Re-Read

The Portable Dorothy Parker for the 1944 Club. As wonderful – if not more so – than I remembered. Makes me determined to revisit more old favourites in 2019.

3 The Last Book I Bought

Five Go Gluten Free – Vincent Bruno I bought this hoping that it would alleviate the sense of humour failure I’m experiencing right now. Read it the same day. Sense of humour failure still prevailing. These five are making a life-style choice, not following doctor’s orders. Still there’s a lot of truth in the difficulties and the awkward situations the five encounter. (Yes, even the dog goes gluten free.) The cartoons are priceless.

4 The Last Book I Said I’d Read but Actually Haven’t

I have no need of this ruse. I’ve read everything! (Says she with a TBR of 1500+)

5 The Last Book I Wrote In The Margins Of

This happens, if I’m caught without post-it notes. And then only if I have a pencil to hand. It’s a very rare occurrence, indeed. But it did happen some 9 years with a limited edition of David Mitchell’s The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet. I remember because I sold it on. Fully admitting to my act of desecration. What do you know? It achieved the best price I’ve ever got. The lesson: Marginalia add value!

6 The Last Book I Had Signed

By the translator extraordinaire Frank Wynne. Though in his role as editor of Found In Translation collection of 100 of the finest short stories ever translated. One of my reading projects for 2019.

7 The Last Book I Lost

If you’re going to do something, do it properly! Don’t lose one book, lose two. A few years ago I put aside three books to be read for #germanlitmonth. They vanished into thin air! Since then, only one of the three – Joseph Roth’s Flights Without End – has reappeared. What happened to Arno Camenisch’s The Alp and Clemens Setz’s Indigo?

8 The Last Book I Had to Replace

Talking of Joseph Roth, I’ve just replaced my original paperback copy of The Radetzky March with a sumptuous Folio Society edition. (Currently on sale for an irresistible £9.95. If you’re thinking of joining Caroline and me in our readalong next Spring and need a copy, you know where to go.)

9 The Last Book I Argued Over

With no current book club membership, opportunities for a bona fide argument are scarce. But if I were a member of Annabel’s book group, the discussion of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine would, I suspect, be pretty robust!

10 The Last Book I Couldn’t Find

This happens constantly. I put my book down whereever I am reading, and then can never remember where that was when I next want to pick it up. As for finding my next read in the TBR stacks ….