It’s true. GLM VIII was quieter than usual. A number of stalwarts from years past have stopped blogging. (🙁 I miss you all.) Many TBRs (not just mine) are so out-of-control, that devoting a whole month to German Literature is no longer feasible for many.

However, we were joined by some fresh “faces”. Welcome to The Glottal Stop. And I think Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings joined us for the first time, too. There was also a lot of action on Twitter with @wordkunst (aka translator Alexander Booth) creating a series of posts devoted to German poetry. Just search using tag #germanlitmonth. Thanks also to three other translators – Rachel Hildebrandt, Ruth Martin and Helen Walliman – for their illuminative interviews.

Talking of translators – what about Tony, the translator in our midst, and his extraordinary translation of Eduard Keyserling’s Sultry Days. That, in addition to reading all 1700 pages of Uwe Johnson’s Anniversaries! What enthusiasm, energy, and focus! Makes me feel exhausted just thinking about it.

The quality of all the reviews written was excellent, as always. (And, although I said, I wouldn’t, I did buy some more German lit on your recommendations.) Thanks to everyone for participating, whether you read along or read as you pleased. I don’t think though that all the reviews have been entered in the linky at I’m currently pulling together the GLM VIII author index to publish on Thursday. So, if you would indulge me by entering your reviews in the meantime. That way the index will be complete.

Is that it, then, until next November? Actually, no. The readalong of Joseph Roth’s The Emperor’s Tomb generated so many comments about needing to (re-)read The Radetsky March, that Caroline and I have decided to organise a readalong early next year. A leisurely one lasting a number of weeks. (Along the lines of the Effi Briest readalong we did during GLM I. cf Effi Briest Readalong: Week 1/Week 2/Week 3 ) The key question is when does it suit best? February or April? If you’re interested in participating, let me know in comments below.