As far as specific publisher TBRs go, my backlog of NYRB classics is not excessive.  But most of the books pictured above have been on the TBR for years.  So I must do something about it, before the pile grows ever taller. (In 2019 NYRB are going to be publishing a goodly number of very interesting titles translated from German.) Besides it really is time I read Stoner.

I enjoyed the two Pushkin Press fortnights organised by Stu, so I’m borrowing the format and have marked out the first two weeks of October as NYRB Classics Fortnight.  I hope to read four in that time. Do you spot anything  in my stacks that you’d particularly recommend?  Do you have your own backlog of NYRB Classics on the shelves?  Perhaps I can persuade you to join me?