Time once more to review the Women in Translation I have read over the past 12 months.  The final tally is 21 works, more than in previous years.
These are listed below with hyperlinks to my reviews, where these exist, in the order in which I read them. Titles of my favourite 5 in bold.

Die, My Love – Ariana Harwicz
Translated from Spanish by Sarah Moses and Carolina Orloff

Spring Garden – Tomoka Shibasaki
Translated from Japanese by Polly Barton

This House is Mine – Dörthe Hansen
Translated from German by Anne Stokes

Memoirs of a Polar Bear – Yoko Tawada 
Translated from German by Susan Bernofsky

Swallow Summer – Larissa Boehming
Translated from German by Lyn Marven

Eagles and Angels  – Juli Zeh
Translated from German by Christine Slenczka

The Guesthouse at the Sign of the Teetering Globe – Franziska du Reventlow
Translated from German by James J Conway

Charlotte Brontë’s Secret Love – Jolien Janzing
Translated from Dutch by Paul Vincent

Blue Night – Simone Buchholz
Translated from German by Rachel Ward

Soviet Milk – Nora Ikstena
Translated from Latvian by Margita Gailitis (Meet the Translator Interview)

The Darkness that Divides Us – Renate Dorrestein 
Translated from Dutch by David Doherty (Meet the Translator Interview)

Can You Hear Me? – Elena Varvello
Translated from Italian by Alex Valente

Sweet Days of Discipline – Fleur Jaeggy
Translated from Italian by Tim Parks

Breathing Into Marble by Laura Sintija Cerniauskaite
Translated from Lithuanian by Marija Marcinkute

Fade to Black – Zoë Beck 
Translated from German by Rachel Hildebrandt

Baba Dunja’s Last Love – Alina Bronsky
Translated from German by Tim Mohr

Abandon – Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay
Translated from Bengali by Arunava Sinha

Gut – Guilia Enders 
Translated from German by David Shaw
My absolute favourite from a very strong list, but no review because this was read for reference purposes.  A very informative – and surprisingly funny and entertaining – 5-star book about those bodily functions we don’t like to discuss openly.

Strangers – Ursula Archer and Arno Strobel
Translated from German by Jaimie Searle Romanelli and Stefan Scholtz

The Sound of One Hand Killing – Teresa Solana
Translated from Catalan by Peter Bush

The Last Resort – Carmen Posadas
Translated from Spanish by Kristina Cordero