I cannot let the summer of 2019 pass without mention. 29 years I’ve been in Scotland and this is the first summer that deserves to be called by that name.  Two months of marvellous sunshine – you’ll not find me moaning about the heat. But it seems that we’re back to business as usual. On August 1st, I found myself wrapped in a fleece with the central heating on.

But, but, I am not ready to hibernate.

The upside of this is that summer scheduling of one post a week may be curtailed sooner than anticipated …..

However, as I review the past two months, I find I have not been as remiss as my summer publishing schedule leads me to believe.

Books read June/July 2018

Reviews (published on Lizzy’s Literary Life unless otherwise indicated, ratings for first readings only)

For Bulgarian Literature Month:
The Collector of Worlds – Iliya Trojanow 3.5 stars (Global Literature for Libraries Initiative)

For The Man Booker at 50:
The Bone People – Keri Hulme (Shiny New Books)
Sacred Hunger – Barry Unsworth (Shiny New Books)
The Garden of Evening Mists – Tan Twan Eng (Shiny New Books)
How to Be A Public Author – Francis Plug 4.5 stars (Book of the Month June 2018)

Black Forest Holiday Reading:
Summer in Baden-Baden – Leonid Tsypkin 4 stars
The Hidden Life of Trees – Peter Wohlleben 5 stars (Book of the Month July 2018)

For Spanish Literature Month:
The Sound Of One Hand Killing – Teresa Solana 3 stars
The Last Resort – Carmen Posadas 4 stars

New Releases That Distracted Me from my 15 Books of Summer
My Purple-Scented Novel – Ian McEwan 3.5 stars
The Shepherd’s Hut – Tim Winton 4 stars
An Untouched House – W F Hermans 4 stars

Just because:
A Petrol-Scented Spring – Ajay Close 4 stars
Strangers – Ursula Poznanski/Arno Strobel 4 stars

This is just food, this is Latvian food …. and poetry

2018 Reading Statistics
June: 7 physical TBR
July:  9 physical TBR
YTD: 66 (56 physical TBR, 5 library loans, 5 ebooks)

The Great TBR Declutter

Target for 2018 is X-60
TBR 31.05 = X-32
TBR 31.07 = X-32 + 14 purchases + 10 review copies – 16 physical reads – 20 TBR culled = X-44

Coming up in August

I gave myself two months for my 15 Books of Summer.  I read 7, with one DNF. Olga Tokarczuk’s Flights is not my kind of thing at all, and I feel that Francis Plug’s How To Be A Public Author blends fact and fiction much more entertainingly.

So August is here and it is time to move on. For the annual #edbookfest readathon beckons. I’m not as well prepared as in previous years.  Which means that the #edbookfest TBR is mega.

Edinburgh Book Festival Reading 2018

The 17-day festival starts in 9 days time, and I’ve still to read the pile on the right (plus a couple more still in the post)! Can it be done by the end of the month? Perhaps if I didn’t bother going to the festival itself!  But I shall give of my best to read what I can. Stay tuned.