It’s not every day that one of your top 5 novels of all time is republished.  But today is is that day for me, and in order to prevent me singing from the rooftops (because the sound of my voice is something you really don’t want to hear), the publishers have given me 3 copies of the book to giveaway.

DD4DD78B-ACA8-498A-B1DA-9872FC1D7BB0Ron Butlin’s The Sound of My Voice, was heralded by Irwine Welsh as “one of the greatest pieces of fiction to come out of Britain in the 80s.”   I didn’t discover it until the naughties, but as I said in my original review of this tale of alcoholic excess “From paragraph one, the force of The Sound of My Voice picked me up and did not let go.”  It still hasn’t. Almost eight years later, it remains in my top 5 of all time and is now gaining new fans.

Here’s the detail from the publishers.

Morris Magellan is thirty-four years old and already two-thirds destroyed. By day he is an executive, after six and at weekends the husband of an understanding wife and the father of two. At all times he is a music lover and a drunk.

Of the past he remembers only fear, and of the future he senses even greater terror to come; he is a man struggling from moment to moment to salvage something of himself before that too slips from his grasp.

On one level The Sound of My Voice tells the story of an alcoholic: a frantic attempt by some inner voice to halt an apparent need for self-destruction. More generally it presents the conflict between modern man’s cowardice and cruelty, and a desperate attempt to recover humanity.


If you are in the UK and would like to read an unfairly-lost-but-about-to-be-rediscovered gem (actually read isn’t the right word here; this is an experience), simply put your name in the hat below.   Winners will be notified on the evening of Sunday 08.04.2018.

Ron Butlin has kindly agreed to an author Q&A to be published at the end of the month. If there’s anything you’d like to ask, particularly if you’ve read the novel, please email your questions to by Sunday 22.04.2018.