I set myself a challenge for March: participate in Dutch Book Week, Italian Literature Month, Clink Street Publishing Spring Reads, attend and write about Glasgow AyeWrite. 4 objectives achieved!

I still have a couple of reads from Ayewrite to review, so they will form part of my cunning plan for April.  Don’t know about you, but this winter is interminable, and I’m getting restless, so I think April will see me circumnavigating the globe (in my reading at least). In real life, I’ll be attending the London Book Fair.  So if anyone is going too, please get in touch.  I’d love to meet up for a coffee and a chat.

Books Reviewed (in review sequence)
Macbeth: A Novel / Hamlet: A Novel – A J Hartley and David Hewson (4 stars / 4.5 stars)
The Darkness that Divides Us – Renate Dorrestein (4 stars)
The Diary of A Bookseller – Shaun Bythell (5 stars) *** Book of the Month ***
Can You Hear Me? – Elena Varvello / Anna – Niccolo Ammanitti (2 stars / 3.5 stars)
The Book of Air – Joe Treasure  (Review plus Author Q&A) (4 stars)
Sweet Days of Discipline – Fleur Jaeggy (3 stars)

Meet the Translator – David Doherty
Six Degrees of Separation – From The Beauty Myth to Jane Eyre

2018 Reading Statistics
March: 11 (8 physical TBR, 2 library loans, 1 ebook)
YTD: 30 (23 physical TBR, 4 library loans, 3 ebooks)

The Great Book Declutter (or is that Reclutter?) Progress Report 
Lulled into a sense of security by last month’s TBR figure of X-36 (target for 2018 is X-60), I forgot all about this year’s one and only purchasing rule.  Do not buy anything, you’re not going to read immediately.  I also said that I was going to wait for the shortlists before succumbing to the temptations of various prize lists.  But I ended up buying  one from each of the following longlists: The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction, The Women’s Prize for Fiction and The Man Booker International Prize. And you know how bookaholism goes: once I started, I couldn’t stop.  Bargain book shops, online bargains and some Baltic literature to read in preparation for the London Book Fair accounted for another 10 additions to the TBR.

I shall just have to behave myself in London next month ….

TBR 28.02.2018 = X-36
TBR 31.03.2018 = X-36 + 13 purchases + 10 review copies – 8 physical reads – 5 TBR culled =   X-26