With German Literature Month VII just around the corner, I thought I’d better bring GLM VI to its official close!  (Well, if you’re going to miss a deadline, then do it properly, and 51 weeks late is a proper missed deadline.)  Anyway, here we go.  Last year’s author index – hopefully all present and correct.

Say what you will, putting this together brought back some good memories, and reminded me of a pile of books that are still patiently awaiting my attention on the old TBR.  Perhaps it will do the same for you and give you that final nudge to join us for this year’s G-lit extravaganza.  It all kicks off this time next week!  Are you ready?


Bachmann: Malina 1 Benjamin: The Task of the Translator 1
Berlin: Banking on A Wedding 1 Bernhard: Wittgenstein’s Nephew 2 Bräunig: Rummelplatz 1 Canetti: The Tongue Set Free 1 Capus: Almost Like Spring 1 De La Motte-Fouqué: Undine 1 de Velasco: Tiger Milk 1 Döblin: The Ballerina and The Body 1 Dürrenmatt: The Inspector Barlach Mysteries 1 Erpenbeck: Katzen Haben Sieben Leben/Schmutzige Nacht 1 Fallada:A Small Circus 1 Fitzek: Amok1 Fontane: Beyond The Tweed 1 Effi Briest 1 Shorter Novels 1 2 Georg : Poems 1 Giordano: Auntie Poldi and The Sicilian Lions 1 Glauser: Thumbprint 1 Glavinic: The Camera Kille 1 Gmeyner: Manja 1 Goethe: Italian Journey 1 2 Italian Journey Fictitious Part 4 Gotthelf: The Black Spider 1 Grajsnowa: All Russians Love Birch Trees 1 Grass: From Germany to Germany 1 Grimm Hans Herbert: Schlump1 2 Groner: The Case of the Golden Bullet 1 Hahn: Shorter Days 1 Hermann: Letti Park 1 Hesse: The Glass Bead Game 1 Narcissus and Goldmund 1 Rosshalde 1 Hoffmann: The Sandman 1Hofmann: The Film Explainer 1 Hofmannsthal Electra 1 Der Rosenkavalier 1 Hotschig: Ludwig’s Room 1 Jelinek: Greed 1 The Piano Teacher 1 2 Women As Lovers 1 Jung: Bambert’s Book of Missing Stories / Dreaming in Black and White 1 Kafka: Short Fiction and Short Stories 1 The Metamorphosis 1 Kempowski: All for Nothing 1 Keun: After Midnight 1 Kim: Invasionem des Privaten 1 Klönne: Silent is the Forest 1 Klüssendorf: Das Mädchen 1 Kluge: Dispatches from Moments of Calm 1 Köstering: Goethesturm 1 Krausser: The Great Bagarozy 1 Krechel: Shanghai Fern von Wo 1 Mann Thomas: Doctor Faustus 1 Fiorenza 1 Royal Highness 1 Mörike: Mozart’s Journey to Prague 1 Montasser: A Very Special Year 1 Müller: The Appointment 1 Musil: The Confessions of Young Torless 1 Nestroy: Einen Jux will er sich machen (Adapted by Tom Stoppard) 1 Poznanski: Five 3 Reich-Osang: The Scholl Case 1 Roth: The Radetsky March The String of Pearls 1 Schmidt: Bottom’s Dream 1 2 Sebald: The Emigrants 1 Vertigo 1 2 Seethaler: The Tobacconist 1 2 3 4 Seghers: Crossing A Love Story Transit 1 Stamm: Black Ice Unformed Landscape 1 Stift: The Empress and The Cake 1 3 Suter: The Chef  The Last Weynfeldt 1 Timm: In My Brother’s Shadow 1 Ullmann: The Country Road 1 Vanderbeke: The Mussel Feast 1 Wedekind: Lulu Plays Mine-Haha 1 Wolf: Medea 1 They Divided the Sky 1 Zweig: A Game of Chess 1 2 A Summer Novella 1 Amok 1  Buchmendel/The Invisible Collection (Review in German) 1 Confusion 1 Burning Secret 1 Did He Do It? 1 2 The Invisible Collection 1 Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of A Woman 1 2

Alison Layland on Literary Translation 1
Crime Fiction in German (Sample Chapter) 1