The last 12 months have simply flown by!  Mind my “gap year” has been packed with home improvement projects (still WIP) and lots of travel.  Year 2 is likely to be similar (though not quite as manic), but for now, it’s time to return home i.e to my favourite place in Scotland, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh and the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

This year’s festival is bigger and better than ever, with over 1000 events in 17 days.  Charlotte Square just isn’t big enough for this programme, so there are two new pop-up venues in George Street.  I have mixed feelings about that at this point – will it change the atmosphere of the festival i.e dilute the cosy nook feel of the square? We shall have to wait and see …

There haven’t been many reviews on the blog in the past few weeks as I have been reading ahead.   The books to the right in the picture below are either completed or current reads.

The Books of EIBF 2017

The pile on the left is TBR.  I wonder how many will move to the right in the next couple of weeks, and I fear (yes, that is the word) how many books will join the TBR, given the number of strategically placed bookshops!  I do intend to focus on book reviews, not event reviews,  on the blog this year.  My twitter stream @lizzysiddal is where ongoing commentary of the festival will be.

When launching the festival in June, the director of EIBF, Nick Barley, invited the world to “come to Charlotte Square to be inspired and challenged”. Well, I’m ready, and I’m on my way!