I’ve had an excellent start to the 2017 reading year, having read 13 books from 3 centuries with only one slipup apropos the TBR Dare.  But as I haven’t determined my exceptions policy for this year, I shall do so now.  I am allowed to read one 2017 acquisition per month for the length of the Dare.

But this post is about the books read during January 2017. Voilà!


The reasons why these books worked their way to the top of the TBR follow with links to reviews available at the time of posting.

From the Adventures through the TBR B branch of my reading mindmap

– Books about Books: Lesen und Lesen Lassen, The Book Collector, Parnassus on Wheels and The Haunted Bookshop.  This latter was an e-book that I had to buy and read immediately after finishing the wonderful Parnassus on Wheels. Simply because nothing else would do!

– B is for Bronte, hence Anne’s two novels: Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.  Both somewhat of a revelation, Anne tackling the thorny subjects of governess abuse and domestic abuse in entirely realistic fashion, so far removed from the romanticised novels of her two sisters.  I preferred Agnes Grey to The Tenant.  Helen was just too perfectly pious for me.  Agnes, on the other hand, actually lost it on occasion!

– B is for Burns, as in Jean Burns, wife of the Scottish Bard, whom he called The Jewel.

From the International Dublin Literary Award longlist:

– Bernd Aichner – Woman of the Dead E-book my #EU27 entry for Austria.

– Esther Gerritsen – Craving  which is a #EU27 entry for The Netherlands.  (I will have several of these, as I continue to make my way through my Dutch TBR).

– Sofi Oksanen – When The Doves Disappeared (which I will use as my #EU27 entry for Estonia.  Oksanen is Estonian on her mother’s side and the novel is all about Estonia during the second world war.  It probably has more Estonian flavour to it than the Mati Unt novel I was going to read.)

From the W is for Whim Branch to be added to the mindmap.

– David Young – Stasi Child A whimsical read because the publisher kindly sent the sequel Stasi Wolf for review. Stasi Child was so good I read its 400 pages in one day and I’m not going to wait until April to read Stasi Wolf.  Now you know what February’s exception to the TBR Dare rules will be.

– Antonia Hodgson – The Devil in the Marshalsea Winner of the CWA Endeavour Historical Dagger in 2014, the same award that Stasi Child won in 2016.  Why read one winner when you have two in the TBR?

Book of the Month.  Lesen und Lesen Lassen (in the face of some fierce competition as both Parnassus on Wheels and Stasi Child were also 5-star reads.)

Are you participating in the TBR Dare this year?  If so, tell us all about your January over at www.tbrdare.com.