Why Round 1?  While the official part of GLM VI is finished, the unofficial extension is about to begin.  As the European Literary Network are hosting a German month in December, I, for one, will use it for further German literature reading and reviewing (starting with the German-language literature on International Dublin Literary Award Longlist.) The contributions index at will, therefore, remain open for the whole of December.

This will give those who haven’t been able to review the books they have read in November opportunity to do so, should they so choose. I know there are a lot of unreviewed books out there.  Due to circumstances, there was much off-blog stress in November (sickness, Weltschmerz and other ills).  Hopefully things will pick up for those German lit lovers soon.

However a massive DANKE SCHÖN to the 36 bloggers, Amazon and Goodreads reviewers who have participated and contributed in the region of 110 high-quality reviews.  While some regulars were missing (and I did miss you), we were joined by 7 new-to-me bloggers (welcome all, and rest assured you are now all in my permanent feedly feed.) I hope you will all join us again next year (if not in December.)

GLM VI was a fully read-as-you-please event this year, and the choice of reading material was interesting.  Many, many classics – some of them gargantuan – were obviously plucked from the shelves, read and enjoyed at long last.  Result!, I say.

A couple of extremely brave participants began to work their way through Arno Schmidt’s Bottom’s Dream, and a couple more took  Goethe’s Italian Journey.  I would have joined this latter duo, had I not spent most of the month reviewing my own #gapyeartravels reading. I finally caught up with myself in Scotland with Fontane’s tour of 1858  – only to pack my bags and zoom off again.

imageDestination? That would be telling but I have taken some books set there with me.  All shall be revealed soon.  In the meantime, while I have only internet café access to wifi, please don’t forget to add further #germanlitmonth contributions to the master index at  (I stopped maintaining it on 28.11.2016.) And keep an eye on the European Literary Network – fabulous things will be happening there during December.