I think tomorrow is the  official end date of #20booksofsummer.  And so a reckoning is due.  I posted the original list of 35 potential reads on 1.07.  This is how it looks now.  (Highlighted titles have been read, if not reviewed.  I’ll try and catch up with myself by end September.)


I’m quite pleased with this.  Considering I didn’t start until a good two weeks’ after the official start date, I’m not too far short of the 20 book target, and I only inserted 4 onto the original list.

But now it is time to move on and start my next reading project.  I am delighted to say that I will be attending the Frankfurt Book Fair at the end of October.  This year the focus is very much on Dutch and Flemish literature with the Low Countries being Guests of Honour.  What an ideal opportunity to catch up on some of those Dutch And Flemish novels, which are vying for my attention in the TBR.


I’m hoping to read at least 6 of these (and not necessarily the shortest) before the Book Fair.  If you’ve got some of these in your TBR, perhaps we can readalong?