I will:

  • Thank James for his fabulous hosting (and beg him to do it all again next year.)
  • Pat myself on the back for completing the dare, with only one minor slipup, and I’m blaming the Three Percent Book Club for that.  I’m certainly not beating myself up about it.  Of the 29 books in this picture (3 on the Kindle), only 3 were new for 2016. The aforementioned Fritz plus Myerson and Rosoff, which were allowed due to the exception I made at the beginning of the dare.  (Books required for Ayewrite!)
I feel so accomplished!
I feel so accomplished!
  • Analyse the stats in relation to my objectives for 2016.

Books read: 29
From the pre-2016 TBR: 26 (89 % Target for the year is 80%)
Books translated from German: 13 (45% Target for the year is 40%)
Books culled:   86
Purchase allowance = (Books read + books culled) / 5 = 23
Purchase allowance balance = 1

I’m on track.  Does that deserve another pat on the back?

  • Celebrate by choosing something to read from my new-for-2016 pile. Oh dear.
With thanks to the publishers for the review copies - it may take me a while to read them!
Purchases plus review copies. (With thanks to the publishers for the latter  – it may take me a while to read them!)
  • Move straight into a #TBR20 challenge.  Needs must.