It seems I was right when I said at the beginning of the year that I needed a reading project.


Adventures through the TBR appears to be just the thing. OK, so I have yet to move on from the letter A, but I didn’t realise how many Andrews there were in my TBR (2 read, 3 to read) or even how many Austrian books  / novels set in Austria I had (7 down, 3 to read).  I have taken a small diversion, from A to Z as in Zeitgeist, having read Patrick Flanery’s latest, I am No One, and Jon Ronson’s So You’ve been Publicly Shamed, both of which concentrate on the perils of our digital age.  Reviews to follow.


TJ’s 12 Germans in 2016 didn’t get off to a good start, unfortunately.  January saw me struck by a nasty lurgy and my brain had enough whirls and eddies of its own to contend with without drowning in those of the narrative in Sasa Stanisic’s How The Soldier Repairs the Gramophone.  I put it down at page 100.  I picked it up again last night but decided, after an hour, that it’s not for me.  The whirls and eddies are annoying me now and the hiding of the horrors of the Bosnian war in the naiveity of the child narrator(s) feels artificial.  Time to stop.  TJ got on with it much better.

Reading through the second half of the dare will be less systematic.  Adventures through the TBR will morph from A to H as the second book for 12  Germans is Judith Hermann’s Summerhouse, Later and Hermann Hesse Reading Week kicks off on 7th March for which I will read Gertrude. I will also be reading Vanessa Gebbie’s Storm Warnng for Caroline’s War and Literature Readalong and Teffi’s Subtly Worded for the Pen Reading Club on Facebook.  All of the above were in my pre-2016 TBR, so count for the TBR Double Dog Dare.  However with Ayewrite! in March there will be a number of exceptions before the end of the dare.

Finally some stats, to serve as a checkpoint on my goals for 2016.

Books read: 14.5
From the pre-2016 TBR: 13.5  (93 % Target for the year is 80%)
Books translated from German: 8.5 (59% Target for the year is 40%)
Books  culled: 71
Purchase allowance = (Books read + books culled)  / 5  = 17
Purchase allowance balance = 2

(We’ll talk about the purchases in April.  Right now they are stored safely out of  sight.)