I suppose the first thing I should say is that Lizzy’s Literary Life will continue in 2016. That wasn’t a given.  In fact, for most of 2015 I’d been saying in real life that post 1,001 would be the last.  Well, that post finally arrived during German Literature Month, when I was having a ball, and rediscovered a blogging/reviewing mojo that had deserted me throughout most of the year. I had managed to keep the blog going (because it serves primarily as my reading journal) but I wasn’t enjoying it. Now that GLM is not sustaining me, I’m flagging again.

imageObjective 1: I will read less for the blog and more for myself.  By that I mean, I won’t pick up books solely because I think they will be good for statistics, and I will definitely read more German books, even if that means I need to rename the blog “Love German Books in Translation”.  I jest – or do I?  Could be a spin-off as long as Katy of the original Love German Books doesn’t object.  Regardless, I’m setting myself a target of 40% German Books to be read this year.  There’s a magic mountain of German literature waiting on my shelves. TJ’s Twelve Germans in 2016 and GLM VI (which, all being well,  we can count on because Caroline has already chosen the War and Literature readalong – see comments in previous post) will help that cause along nicely.

Actually there’s also a non-German TBR mountain range of Himalayan proportions demanding my attention. I must have a couple of thousand unread books, on the shelves, stacked on the bedroom floor, under the bed, in the attic.  (None in the garage because they’d only get damp in Scotland.)  I confess right here and now that I lost The Battle of the Books last year.  In fact, I was comprehensively slaughtered despite initial successes.  In 2016, I will even the score.

Objective 2:  I am setting limits on purchases.  A ratio of one purchase for every 3 books read or culled should be doable, shouldn’t it? Actually that’s too easy as I haven’t accounted for incoming review books.  Let’s make it 1 for every 5.  (To be reviewed at the end of March.) And to ensure I don’t cheat, (particularly round trigger points like literary festivals or a new edition of New German Books), I shall keep account of the stats in a monthly round up post.

imageThis means for the whole of 2016 I shall focus on the pre-existing TBR, even though I’m not opting for the full Howard’s-Hill-is-on-the-Landing experience.

Objective 3:  80% of all 2016 reads will come from the TBR as of 31.12.2015. So yes, I am signing-up for James’s (final?) TBR Triple Dog Dare for all 3 months.  Exceptions will be books needed for the aforementioned 12 Germans, anything that must be read for Ayewrite! in March and the 2 books I have on preorder.

Thereafter, I’ll keep journeying through my TBR, working my way through the alphabet.  I love the extreme reading of Annabel’s Shelves Project and have been thinking of joining her.  But sequentially by letter, doesn’t cater for whimsy, so this is how I’ll play it.  I’ll choose a letter to act in an associative way for book choices. I tried it out in December, starting conventionally with A.  I “read” 6 books – 2 audiobooks, an Austrian book, an anthology set in St Andrews,  1 written by an Andrew and another by an author from Accrington (my home town). For January I have lined up 5 awardwinners, a book by another Andrew, an anthology of Austrian short stories and the latest by Kate Atkinson.  I wonder too if I can fit in a second helping by the Australian author of my 2015 Book of the Year before moving onto the next letter.  (Likely to be H, assuming Hesse Reading Week is confirmed …)

I probably won’t dwell on each letter quite as long as with A, in order to make some progress,  But I’m not setting a timescale for this, because the idea is to enjoy the adventure. Now if someone could point me in the direction of a snazzy, badge maker for IOS, I might rustle up a lovely little icon for My Journeys Adventures through the TBR.

Gosh, I’m feeling all enthusiastic again!