It was a bit of a challenge fitting everything in – #germanlitmonth, #novellanov, #nonfictionnov, but I got there.  I read 15 books in total for this year’s event (still have 5 to review ….), amongst them 3 that are likely to make my best of 2015 list.

There was some seriously impressive reading and reviewing in the G-lit blogosphere.  We were a community of 43 bloggers producing 157 reviews of childhood favourites, dramas, novellas, great doorstops of novels, plenty of poetry, and lots of new-to-me authors.  That’s what I love about German Literature Month – it’s a real journey of discovery.   What I’m not so clear on is whether my bank manager approves …. I didn’t manage to abide by my I-won’t buy anything new pledge.  My willpower failed a total of 8 times (and then there was the Pushkin Press sale last weekend. I’m definitely not talking about that.)

This was the first year we kept an index of the translators. Our index isn’t complete but it looks as though somewhere in the region of 60 translators past and present contributed to the event.  Thanks to each and everyone for their efforts in bring German Literature to the world stage. Special thanks to Katy Derbyshire and Denis Jackson for participating in Meet the Translator.

(By the way, the first part of the Denis Jackson interview was my 1000th post.)

I find it particularly gratifying that #germanlitmonth is inspiring people to read more G-lit throughout the whole year.  So, if you can’t wait until GLM VI, and it appears some can’t, there’s no need.  TJ  is hosting a 12 Germans in 12 Months challenge throughout 2016.


I also hear rumours of a Hermann Hesse Reading Week early next year.  (Kaggsy, Caroline, are they true?).

It’s usually at this time that #germanlitmonth morphs into #germanlatemonth – an extension to allow those with books read but not yet reviewed a chance to catch up.  As I still have 5 reviews to write and the traditional author index to produce, I see no reason to break the habit. I’ve given myself a deadline of 10th December to produce the index.  Feel free to add reviews to the list at until then.

And finally, thanks once more to everyone for another terrific month.  You do deserve a treat, and Caroline, my co-hostess, has the very thing.

Let’s do it all again, next year.