Just 48 hours and then it’s time for

Giveaway books have been sent (although the last giveaway is currently running over at Caroline’s place.) The German Literature Month linkies have been set up.  Two linkies this year: one for author/blogger recognition, the second for translator/author.  I thought it would be interesting to build a translator index in addition to the traditional GLM Author Index.  So if you would dual entry your contributions (where appropriate) and #namethetranslator in your reviews, that would be really helpful.

if you are going to participate, please leave a comment below.  This will help me update the German Literature Month participants Blogroll too.

And finally, there are not one but three #germanlitmonth badges this year. In addition to the main one (above), there is a badge for Friedrich Schiller Reading Week (November 1-7) and another for Christa Wolf Reading Week (Nov 8-14).

Take your pick and join in where you wish.  if not for the reading weeks, then perhaps for the readalongs. I’m hosting a readalong of Ursula Poznanski’s Erebos on November 20 and Caroline is hosting a readalong of Erich Maria Remarque’s A Time to Love and A Time to Die on November 27.

Should none of the above appeal, you can read (as little or as much) as you please throughout the whole month.  Only one rule: whatever you read must have originally been written in German.  OK, two rules: enjoy yourself!

I look forward to discussing German Literature with you throughout November.  I’m well prepared this year – I have already read 10 books and there are more on the reading pile.  The question is will I have the time to blog about them all?  We shall see.  I love a challenge. 😄

EDIT: 31.10.2015

I’ve now set up the German Lit Month participant blogroll over at http://www.germanlitmonth.blogspot.co.uk. I think I’ve got everyone who’s registered an interest either here or over at Caroline’s place. We have a starting line-up of 33! If I’ve missed you, or you wish to join in anytime during November, just let me know and I’d add you in.