Oh yes!

Q: How delighted am I that Caroline and I can synchronise schedules to host the 5th #germanlitmonth this coming November?
A: Very much so, particularly as my German-language literature TBRs have doubled, tripled – nay, quadrupled – since last year. A month of nothing but German literature will give a good start to what may actually turn into a concentrated year of German-language literature reading for me.

Of course, you’re welcome to join me for that, and you may indeed choose to do so after sampling the delectations of GLM V in November. Which delectations specifically?

As always you can read as you please for the whole month. There are only two rules.

1) Whatever you read, in whichever language you read, must have originally been written in German. Novels, novellas, short stories, plays, poems, they all count. No genre is excluded.
2) Enjoy yourself. There’s no need to write long, detailed reviews (although we do like those). A quick opinion piece, the posting of a favourite poem, the tweeting of a pertinent quote or picture of a delicious book cover (using the hash tag #germanlitmonth, of course) all contribute to a communal celebration of German-language literature.

However, for those who prefer a challenge or four along the way, Caroline and I have devised the following programme (for lack of a better word). Join in one or all four of these, The choice is yours.

Week 1: Nov 1-7 Schiller Reading Week. Hosted by Lizzy.
Week 2: Nov 8-14 Christa Wolf Reading Week. Hosted by Caroline.
Week 3: Nov 15-21 Ladies’ reading week incorporating a readalong of Ursula Poznanski’s award-winning YA title, Erebos on Friday 20.11. Hosted by Lizzy.
Week 4: Nov 22-28 Gents’ reading week incorporating a Literature and War readalong of Erich Maria Remarque’s A Time To Love and A Time to Die on Friday 27.11. Hosted by Caroline.
Week 5: Nov 29-30 Read as You Please.

German Literature Month IV was astounding in terms of numbers of participants (40) and quality contributions. I’m not sure that we’ll be able to match it again, but let’s give it a shot. Are you in?